Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Insecure French Chair

My little $5.00 French chair is back in its old spot.
This chair gets moved around a bit.

You know the chair I'm talking about.
It's the one with the self esteem problem.
It's the "You don't love me as much as you do the other chairs"- chair.
It's the one that always gets moved when it's time to bring in the Christmas tree.
You might have one like this.

It looked pretty good until I recovered the seat. 
When it no longer matched the couch, it was another layer of visual distraction. 

I moved it out in a stunning less is more kind of thing.
I know.
I rarely go for less is more.
"More is more" is usually my credo.

Late last September, I made a slipcover for the couch.

The chair got put back in the corner when I made room for the Christmas tree.

I liked it!
Matching the upholstery was the key. I was a little amazed.
Maybe it's not so amazing and I need more to do.

I picked it up at a garage sale about 20 years ago. It was covered in a green faux finish.
I stripped it down to its original color.

I love its classic French style.
I love the cane, which is in perfect shape after all these years.
Maybe its self esteem issue isn't coming from the Christmas tree shuffle but from the vibe that Bill sends out.
He doesn't care for anything that is overtly French.
Maybe our trip to Paris this fall will change his opinion of Frenchy stuff.

Instead of being too busy, which is what I thought the last time, it looks perfect.
It's a cutie.
Thanks for staying tuned while I prattle on about chairs.
Stop back in soon.
I plan on prattling on about brass and glass.
It will be amazing.
Have a wonderful day!