Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Three Day Weekend

Good Morning, Friends.

It wouldn't be a holiday weekend if one of us didn't feel under the weather.
Last time it was Bill. This time I was feeling a little peckish.
Bill kicked out an amazing transformation on the side yard.
He made two trips to the stone yard and created this pathway.
It is beautiful.

Once he picks up a few more stones this will stretch around all the way to the back deck.

In between naps on the couch, I added touches of St. Patrick's Day to our space.
Easter is late this year so there is time to add a few wee sprigs O' the green.
You can check out my new board for St. Patrick's Day on Pinterest.

My grandparents sent this card to me when I was a baby.
How cute is this?

I did managed to get off of the couch long enough to rake out some of the flower beds and straighten up the green house.

In the end, I didn't come down with some sort of plague.
I think it is just allergies.

I'll share more pictures of our stone path once it is finished.
Have a wonderful day.