Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Wannabe Fall Front Porch

Have you ever had something on a wish list that never came to fruition? 
One of my "must haves" when we bought this house was a front porch. 

Hermine Throw, Fall Display, Pumpkins

It just goes to show that "must haves" sometimes are not meant to be. 

I've drooled over pictures on the internet of big front porches. 
Pumpkins, corn stalks, throws and boots tumble all over the image in a veritable wonderland of fall splendor. 
My porch? Not so much. 

Hermine Throw, Fall porch display

I was trying to sleep one night when inspiration struck. 
That happens to me a lot. 

Jackolantern, Fall sign, mums,

I don't know where Bill went but I always do this kind of stuff when he isn't home. 
I shop when he isn't around. 
Shopping with a banker isn't all that productive.
That's all I'm going to say about that. 

Hermine Throw on a Bench with Hunter boots and a Jackolantern.

I decided to create the illusion of a front porch by removing one of my Dwarf Nandina. 
They aren't so dwarf anymore after 26 years.  

Hunter Rain Boots, Hermine Throw, Bittersweet, Mums, Lantern

There was an old park bench on the side of the yard creating an illusion of courtyard. 
Not so successfully, if I can be honest. 
 I laid some flagstones down and moved the bench around to the newly cleared area. 
 The stone foundation keeps the feet level and out of the dirt. 

Hermine Throw,Jackolantern, Fall Porch display

I had fun styling this! 
I  feel like I have a veritable porch wonderland of scarecrows, pumpkins, a throw stolen off of the couch, mums, and the rainboots that live in the hall closet. 

Hermine Throw

Bill thinks it's cute. 
He firmly declared that no one would sit on it. 

mums, pumpkin, Fall sign

pumpkin and scarecrow.

Scarecrow, mums, designer pumpkins

Who can sit on it?
I need room for my  boots, throws, pumpkins, scarecrows and mums!