Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Late Summer Front Porch

Sunflowers and late summer just go together. 
The Texas heat has descended upon us and it shows no signs of letting up.  
It doesn't seem like much is thriving except the grasshoppers and the sunflowers. 

We are expecting it to hover around 100 degrees all week.
I'm not ready for summer to be over but I am starting to get ready for cooler temps. 
Sunflowers are a harbinger of late summer/early fall. 

 I tweaked the front porch a little and created a hand crafted sunflower. 

I drew a circle on some wood. The brown stained center will be perfect for this project. I drew petals all around the circle. 
This was a piece of cake to cut with the band saw. 

Painting sunflowers is fairly easy. Once the yellow petals were dry, they got some definition with a dark, rusty orange. 

A very flat, small rectangle shaped brush created a sunflower seed effect around the edge of the brown circle. 
There is some brown paint dabbed in the center as well. 
Bill already had a stake cut in the garage from when we used to have garage sales. 
A coat of two types of green and two leaves finish it off. 
The leaves and the flower are screwed into the stake. 

I found the white cone flower and the little yellow daisy like flowers are the garden center. 
There isn't much available this time of year. 

The wreath got a refresh with some little sunflower picks. 
These came from Dollar Tree years ago. 
Don't skip Dollar Tree for faux flowers. 
Sometimes they get good ones. 

We have had the antique milk can for a long time. 
It has been in the back garden since we moved into this house 22 years ago. 

It seemed time to showcase it. 
The dump truck belonged to my oldest.  
I pulled it out to use a planter this summer. 

I love the yellow. 

This was a fun project for a Saturday. 

It should get us through the rest of this hot, Texas summer.
I can even add more orange to the wreath when we get closer to October. 
Have a great day. 

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Mancave Makeover

The mancave hasn't been painted in years. 
I may have touched up the walls a few years ago but the color is drab and dirty. I painted everything in this house a creamy yellow back in the late 90s. 
 I used a Walmart paint that has held up pretty well for its age.
I'm just over the butter yellow walls. 

Here is my inspiration board. 

You may see my full mancave board here
We have most of this. 
It it strange that our loveseat looks to be the exact one I found on Polyvore? 
We bought ours at The Dump in Dallas about three years ago.
We have the chair too.

I need to scrape popcorn and paint the walls gray. 

I have been putting off scraping this because of the section over the stairs and entry. 

Bill said he will help but we are dreading it. 
 I also have never painted the stair railing white like I did downstairs. 

Do you think a potential buyer would notice?
Not that we are selling but the stain works up here where it didn't downstairs.   

Bill would like a different entertainment center. 
He has hardware to mount his new T.V. on the wall. 

Bill made a crate coffee table and a log end table. 
Those will stay.

The other club chair isn't exactly what we have. 
Ours has a kilim sort of tapestry on the sides which is why I put the poof in the collage.
We also would need to switch the end tables. 
Bill is over these country tables.

There you have it. 
It is supposed to be 100 all week so this isn't getting done yet.
This was one of my summer goals but I'm not sure I'll make it happen before school starts. 
What are you up to today?
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