Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Changes in Rebekah's Room

The "temporary" headboard was still in place in the guest room after nearly two years.

The headboard was made out of the head rail and foot rail of an antique crib. It was time to come up with something a little more permanent. I thought that I had a solution when I found a bed at the thrift store for $75.00. I thought it was a good match to my little footboard. It was a fail. It didn't match the footboard nor was it the same size as the mattress. It was probably one of those old fashioned sizes.

I almost went back up to the thrift store to get another bed. It was brass and it could have been cute but I was a little leery of it being the right size. It was only $25.00 and would have been darling if it was painted. Then I remembered we had a bed in the attic. I pulled it down with the intent of setting it up. As I pulled the old bed apart, it seemed like a good time to scrape popcorn from the ceiling. 
That was not in the plan today.
My sister in law wanted me to make a video of the process.
It was difficult to do this one handed but here goes.
Sorry about the sound. I didn't think I had it on.


Scraping popcorn is a pain in the neck but it isn't hard.
The part that takes the longest is clearing out the room, laying all the plastic and putting the room back together.
This video is for a dry technique.
No water squirted on the ceiling = no messy, soggy popcorn on the floor afterward. Some popcorn inevitably gets on the floor and I can't image wet popcorn in my carpet.
This method works in my house because my ceilings have never been painted. 
It may not work on painted ceilings.
I stand on the ladder as close to the ceiling as I can get. 
My head is about an inch from it.
Making sure that I have proper protective gear is important.
My mask is rated for asbestos even though I don't have any. 
I cover my hair with a bandana made out of fabric so I don't have dust in my hair.

My glasses protect my eyes.

It only takes about an hour to scrape it all off. I take a couple of breaks during that hour while dust settles. 
A sweet treat motivates me to keep going.

The results are so satisfying.

I'm not sure that I love the bed. It looks very fat and squashy with the pillow top mattress. The little washstand got a couple of coats of chalk paint. 

I'm not sure about the bed but I'm thrilled that the ceiling is done. 

I might have to go get that brass bed after all.
Tomorrow is the demonstration with Joanna Gaines. 
It will be so much fun.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Hello, Darlings!
Friday is the big night. 
Does that mean you will start on Thanksgiving or Christmas decor on Saturday?
I'll start on some Thanksgiving decorating. 
Here are some images from last year.

We had an "over the river to Grandmother's house we go" theme.

I vote that we move Thanksgiving up to the 1st or 2nd Thursday of November instead of the last Thursday. 
That way we could enjoy our Christmas decor longer than we do our fall decor. 
 We'd need an act of congress but the retailers would go for it.

For years we didn't even have Thanksgiving decor.
We didn't host so I skipped right over it. That didn't work out so well in the long run. I got so sick of the Christmas trees and the "stuff" everywhere.

I've picked up a few more turkeys in the last few years even though I didn't shop early enough.

Last year all the Thanksgiving stuff was gone before Halloween.  

I finally found some cornucopias at Michaels.
I sprayed one white.

Using pinecones, leaves, acorns and dried flowers keeps it all within a neutral scheme.

I made another one out of chicken wire and a drop cloth

and another out of an old bed spring and burlap.

This year I'll be repurposing some small, vintage Native American dolls and a wild turkey print from an Audubon book of bird prints. I'll finally pull out the little plate that I found while out thrifting last January. (if I can find it...)

Isn't it cute?
What will you do? 
Do you decorate for Thanksgiving?

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