Friday, January 23, 2015

The Wrong Name

I'd come to the conclusion a long time ago that I should have named this blog something else. 
I love to look at blogs with names like 
Shabby, chippy, white, chic, cottage, French, farmhouse on the seashore. 
I can see that the name draws like minded souls.

I like the name of my blog.
I realize that it sounds like a food blog and I hate blogging about food. 

I believe that life is better sprinkled with pretty things - 
joy, laughter, family, faith just to name a few. 

If you read this post you will see why I named it what I did.  

My mother sprinkled her life with 
cakes from a cake mix in which she would let me lick the beaters. 
I cannot make a cake without licking the beaters. 
(Yes, I know, Salmonella)

She sprinkled it with huge braided wool rugs for the floors of our turn of the century home.

She sprinkled it with gallons of stripper as she stripped white, chippy paint from our door jams and doors.

She must have sprinkled it with humor because she was married to my father with his dry wit.

She sprinkled it with cheap or free birthday parties. 
We had the best birthday parties at home. 
No Chuck E. Cheese needed for us.

She sprinkled it with collectables galore and antiques in abundance.

She sprinkled it with trips to my grandparent's house.

She sprinkled it with faith. 

We rarely missed a Sunday in church. 

I alluded to the fact that I really don't like January. 
For years I suffered from seasonal depression. 
Not the type where I wouldn't or couldn't get out of bed. 
It was more the blues or melancholia type. 
I was just so sad and couldn't really put a finger on why. 
Finally after years of suffering I figured it out.

I was sad because those were the final months in my mom's life. 
She died in February about 45 years ago.
Once I figured it out, I was able to counteract it more successfully.
I was able to rely on the faith she instilled in me.

I don't think it matters how old you are when you lose your mother. 
It is horribly difficult. 

I kicked the idea around that I needed to change the name of my blog. 
I won't.
I may not have hoards of chippy, shabby, on the beach, farmhouse, French followers but I have faithful followers that seem to get me. 
Thanks for coming along on my rambles.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Are You Watching?

The new season of Fixer Upper started last week. 
I'm happy to report that the show is just a wonderful and entertaining as season 1. 
I was a trifle afraid that advertisers and HGTV would try to change the show and change Chip and Joanna.  
That hasn't happened and I'm pleased. 
Where as it seemed like Joanna was staging the house with items from her own home last season.
 This season it appears that she is staging it with new furniture. I hope that doesn't mean that furniture transformations aren't still in the works because she does thrift shop makeovers so well.
Please follow my Magnolia Home/Fixer Upper Pinterest board here.
I search for the latest pins from the show.

I'm also watching season 6 of Rehab Addict.
There is a Pinterest Board for Nicole Curtis here
I liked the first part of season 5 but didn't care for the Lebron James project quite as much. It wasn't her usual style. I understand that she had to create it with new materials but it is more fun when she is repurposing old stuff.

Downton Abbey. 

I wasn't sure I would watch but I loved the first episode. 
I haven't seen more than that, so no spoilers please.
Since it's only on once a year, I'm trying to savor it. 
That is what I'm watching. How about you?


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