Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Black and White Decor

I've been in love with black and white interiors lately. 
After a long hiatus, some black has been brought back into my home. I think I was really burned out after too much black and white toile. 

Sorry this is before blogging days. The orange pine is just too much!

Bill forbade toile from entering our interiors. I disobeyed the edict and argued back that I didn't think our marriage was over just because of a little toile. :) 
 10 years later I was over it and he was rejoicing.
The best pieces of black and white got packed up and the rest was given away. 
This past summer more black was added back into our scheme.  

So many things have been painted white in the last few years. I thought things needed a little contrast.

 I love the dark nail heads in deconstructed drop cloth upholstery.

The juxtaposition of a dark handle on a white piece of furniture is one of my favorite things about white furniture.

This look is a tranquil and calm.

I added a some new black and white tea towels from Pottery Barn.

I also got a ticking pillow cover for the living room.

I'm sure I've told you that I love a black and white base in which to layer Halloween decor.

These are two mantels that I created last October. 

We ended up living with the one with the raven even though the owls were cute. The raven was a souvenir from Alaska so it got top billing. This mantelscape is part of why I fell in love with my black transferware again. 


I love the redecorated shelves so they are staying for a while. I have another piece of black and white china coming from e-Bay. I can't wait to tweak my kitchen shelves once it gets here.
You will see it when I do.
I hope you are having a good week. 
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall Workshop With Joanna Gaines

A couple of the adorable moms at my school went to Baylor with Chip Gaines.
So when the pilot of Fixer Upper was made for HGTV, Baylor fans publicized it from the Baylor Proud webpage - here

I missed the pilot but I recorded the first episode of their first season and I was hooked. 
HGTV has needed some new programing for a while and this is fabulous. 

My brother, a Baylor alumni, ran into the couple at a fun shop in Waco called Laverty's Antiques and Furnishings. 
If you have seen the show you might remember the episode where Chip stripped down to his skivvies and put on a tool belt. I think that was filmed inside Laverty's.

Dave said they were incredibly nice people. 
(Nice people who don't cuss and scream at each other on T.V. That's a concept) 

We love this show.
 I've written about it here and here and I created a Pinterest board for images from the show and Joanna's blog. 
See my pins here.
This board has tripled my number of Pinterest followers and lately it is the highest keyword entry statistic on my blog. 

I love the episode where Chip wreaked his birthday jeep. It made me feel so much better about getting a dent in my brand new truck that was less than 24 hours old.
That was not my favorite day. How did that tree get there?

Joanna's Instagram had an announcement that she is having a workshop this fall in Waco.
 Waco is less than two hours away so my sister in law and I are going. 
I haven't been this excited since my brother, Rob and I, fist bumped Larry Hagman. 

You might recognize my brother from his appearance on the Squawk Box on CNBC last Thursday. 
 Chances are you didn't see it, but I'm taking this as a perfect opportunity to brag about my little brother. ;)

We are all so proud of him.

The workshop is October 30th.
I'm not sure if it is tagged fall because it will be about fall decor or because it takes place during the fall.
Either way it should be tons of fun and you will hear all about it.
That is all the exciting news.

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