Friday, November 21, 2014

"Nailed It" Gingerbread House

Have you seen the "Nailed It" pins on Pinterest?

Well it happened to me.
I had visions! 
Visions, not of sugarplums, but visions of a darling gingerbread house.
Similar to the ones on this blog. 
Her Christmas displays are magical so spend some time poking around her site.

I knew that I wouldn't be able to pull off baking a gingerbread house and getting it to stay together, so a kit seemed like the best option.
The grocery store had one in the bakery department. 
How hard could it be? 
Since we wouldn't be eating ours, I used a glue gun to glue it together.

It even fixed the cracked gingerbread base and front.
I really should have called it a night because everything was going too perfectly but my vision kept calling out to me. 

Oh the icing. What a sticky, gloppy confection.
It was everywhere.

The roof went pretty well.

Then the hole in the bag kept getting plugged up.

Finally, I moved the rest of the icing to a Zip Lock baggie.

It started oozing out of tiny holes in the side of the baggie.
A gallon sized baggie was better but still not great.
 I added some water but it was too wet at this point.
It was like lake effect snow in Buffalo. 
It was late. I was tired. I didn't care anymore.

Pinterest had some hilarious "Nailed It" gingerbread pins. 
They made me laugh out loud at my own primitive attempt.

Decorating birthday cakes when the kids were little used to frustrate me. 
They always looked terrible. 
Cake or "House" decorating is just not my forte.
I can accept that.

How long do you suppose this will last before it goes in the trash?
I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 
May all your endeavors be successful.
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Warming Up White Bedding

All of our beds have white bedding.

Some of them have quilts folded at the end of the bed 

but they look a little summery.

That is fine for most of the year because our warm weather lasts a long time around here 

but it does get cold.
In fact our temps can dip down into the single digits. 
There is no below zero down here so generally our winter is mild and beautiful. 

I warm up the beds with comforters, throws

and blankets.
We've collected some great blankets over the years.

This vintage green one with hand embroidered pine trees is my favorite. Bill and I found it at a cute antique shop in Clifton, Texas. 

We have some cute needlepoint pillows that have been picked up here and there. 
I'll usually stitch up some plaid pillows to go with them.

I've started working on the beds for this winter. 
We've got new blankets to show you.
If our weather last week is any indication we'll need them.


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