Friday, August 28, 2015

Fall Guest Room in Rust

I had a little trouble. 

I really wanted to warm up Rebekah's room for the fall. 
The giant armoire didn't seem to be yielding enough to dress the bed for the changing of the seasons. 
Let me just say, Walmart the weekend before school starts is not the place to be. 
Neither is Joann's. 
Ey, yi, yi. 
The crying and screaming and that was just me! 
You should have heard the small children.

Apparently, traditional florals with warmer tones like rust and orange are impossible to find. 
All they seemed to have was contemporary florals or paisleys. 
It wasn't what I was looking for. 

The project was abandoned and I headed home to calmer and quieter surroundings.
While I was out, I recalled a quilt that we had. 
It was several years old. 

One side is aqua with coral roses. The other side has the same roses on an aqua stripe. 
It would work.
We have had the rust throw from Tuesday Morning for several years. 

  The rust pillows used to be on the deck.

They have been washed and ironed.

The little needlepoint was a brick covered doorstop when I found it.

The rust lamp came from the thrift store. 

The book with the chipmunk is just too cute.
Thanks for coming by.  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Odd But Perfect Table

I think I goofed. 

I had the perfect cabinet for the narrow nook in between the kid's bedrooms. 
This little cabinet used to be in Bill's garage when he was growing up. 
It is a "make-do" piece made out of old exterior siding. 
 I got the itch to paint it. 

I like it painted but it is a little too perfect and pristine right now. 
If I still had kids at home they would shabby it up in no time.

Moving it to Rebekah's room created a hole in the nook which I filled with the spool cabinet. 

It didn't fit very well.
It wasn't there long enough to even get a picture. 
It was too short and too deep.  

This odd little table was in Bill's office. 

It fits perfectly. 

I picked it up for only $45.00 at an antique mall in town. 
We used to have the best antique malls. Most of them have closed.

Bill got the vintage coffee can from his grandparents. 

His dad made the cube with the inlayed stars. 

You can read about the denim bolster pillow here
My mother made the needlework picture. 

It works. 
All but one wall in this room are painted. 
We are toying with the idea of a focal wall but I'm having second thoughts. 
I'll let you know what we decide.
The spool cabinet has a new location and I'll get some pictures of that soon. 
Have a great day. 


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