Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chalkboard Gift Idea

Do you all love chalkboards or is it just me?
I've been putting chalkboards together out of all kinds of picture frames lately. 
I found some frames at Hobby Lobby that I thought had a perfect look and would make a great gift. 
They come in a variety of sizes. 
I like the 5 x 7 and the 8 x 10.

Take out the glass and simply paint the backer board with chalkboard paint.

I give a couple of pieces of chalk with the gift. 

I love the rusticity of these frames. 

I've given this twice and made one for myself. 
This last one was a little bit of a fail.

Happy Birthay!
I think I was worried about the message fitting in the frame. 
Happy Gifting.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Childhood Desk Repurposed as a Potting Bench

No matter how you slice it, this isn't a very interesting story. I wanted a potting area in the garage. Bill no longer cared about his childhood desk. 

 It coordinated pretty well with the mancave but he was past it. The kids didn't want this piece because it is heavy
Let's face it, they move every year and who wants to lug something impractical around.

I hated to see it go. 
It's so iconic and I craved an area where I could coral all my garden stuff.
 I just love the louvered look to the hutch doors. 
The hutch had been stored in the garage amid the spiders and the leaves.

I had a darling playhouse when I was little. I remember not playing in it because of the spiders. 
One summer I was not going to denied my precious playhouse. My dad and granddad built it. 
I grabbed the broom and banished the creepy crawlies. 
That memory came flooding back when I grabbed the broom here. 
I was doing fine out here until I felt something on my arm and I screamed like a girl. 

The spiders eradicated, the walls needed a coat of paint.
A carpet remnant saves my feet.

The flower pots, sprinklers, gloves and containers were stored in the shed and in various totes. 
It feels wonderful to have them all in one spot.

Some of my fall decor was handy.

Oh, I love fall!

This furniture was made by the A. Brandt Furniture Company out of Fort Worth. It is somewhat collectable although Bill refinished the top of the desk before he put it in the game room. He did a pretty good job coordinating a replaced pull. 

While I think the top would look cute white, I could never envision the bottom that color and I still have hopes that this will end up in a little grandson's room someday. 

Okay, enough reveling. 
I have to get to the rest of the garage.



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